Architecture and Vision are looking for a motivated individuals with a passion for design, art and architecture to join our design studio. You will be working in the fields of architecture, transportation design, graphics and art on mostly innovative and exceptional projects. You will be working either in Rome area, or remote by Internet from the location of your choice.


Architecture and Vision is a cutting-edge practice involved in art, architecture, product and transportation design, know for developing elegant, ecological, and economic solutions for our planet.

Warka Water Inc.  is a nonprofit that focuses on innovative and sustainable solutions to some of humanity’s most enduring problems through the fusion of local knowledge and resources, visionary design, and ancient traditions.

Culture à Porter offers exclusive wearable products realized by local artisans of isolated villages that blend ancient traditions with cutting-edge technologies to enable the economic, social, and ethical development of these communities.

Interactive Devices develops, produces, and markets everyday “objects” that are distinguished by strong innovative contents with the aim of enhancing interactivity among users, objects, and their environment.

The Store web platform offers an easy and secured ecommerce services for online sales and retailing for all ‘Culture a Porter’ and ‘Interactive Desices’ esclusive products.

Italian Artist, Architect, Designer internationally renowed for his innovative design projects to answer the most challenging issues of our society.