On the 3rd of September, FioredelCielo – our winning design for the Macchina di Santa Rosa competition – is making its 6th and final appearance. FioredelCielo is a 30 meter tall structure that weighs 5 tons. It will be moving through the medieval streets of Viterbo on the shoulders of 100 men, who are called the “Facchini di Santa Rosa”. This ancient tradition has been recently recognized by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, on this 3rd of September, we will commemorate this historical achievement.

We are currently working on improving the previous version to continue to surprise and excite the audience taking part in the upcoming event. Moreover, the itinerary will be extended and one more stop will be added to it to commemorate the historical UNESCO recognition.

This will be the last chance to see FioredelCielo, come and share this unique and spectacular experience with us.

Time: Wednesday September 3rd, 21:00
Location: Porta Romana, Viterbo, Italy
Links: FioreDelCielo | Macchina di Santa Rosa | Comune di Viterbo