AV Director Arturo Vittori will be part of the keynote speakers at the ‘Arduino Day’ 2014. Arduino Day is a day dedicated to promote the Arduino platform to researchers, artists, teachers and students. The aim of the event is to show the possibilities and potential of Arduino, the open source platform developed in Italy which is revolutionizing many disciplines worldwide. The initiative, organized by the association for science ‘discienza’, was created with the aim of catalyzing the growing interest in the Arduino project, and direct it in a single day where you can learn about the different realities that use the this platform and its applications. The following day, the 29th, an exhibition will be organized where a selection of the projects developed by the Vittori-Lab teaching module, will be in display.

Date: March 28 2014, 18:30
Location: Tempio di Adriano Piazza di Pietra, Roma, Italy
Links: discienza, Program