AV director Arturo Vittori will be speaking at the event SuperyachtDESIGN Week held from 23 to 25 June in London at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.
Vittori will be on stage the 3th day and the session topic is: “Planetary Protection”.
“More than the overused subject of being “greener” and more “ecofriendly” this theme will weave its way throughout the sessions focusing on how we are building and designing more intelligently, while not only taking inspiration from the world around us, but also what measures are being taken to ensure a more sustainable industry.
Identifying the future trends being inspired by, and protecting, our planet.”

Event: SuperyachtDESIGN Week
Date: 25 June – Time: 9:30 am
Location: The Pavilion, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW100XE
Link: www.superyachtdesignweek.com