VittoriLab has been invited by the Iuav University of San Marino to hold a one week intensive design workshop entitled Drones for Agriculture.

The workshop will be directed by Prof. Arturo Vittori and his assistant Raffi Tchakerian together with tutor Andrea Santicchia (Iuav) followed by 25 industrial design students.

During the workshop, the students will brainstorm possible applications of emerging technologies such as the UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) together with the craft of farming which has accompanied human beings since always and supported by evolving tools. With the growing population of earth, today, this craft is becoming even more important, not by chance that the the subject of the upcoming Universal Expo will be ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.

Duration: 07.07.2014 – 12.07.2014
Location: Iuav University of San Marino
Links: San Marino Design Workshop