Arturo Vittori will lecture at the EIABC – Ethiopian Institute of Architecture at the Addis Ababa University. Architecture and Vision is known for advanced and innovative projects like planning of settlements on the Moon or innovative self-cooling tents for the desert. However, behind these projects is a deep sense for the genius loci of the environment these projects take place. This context can also be the Italian medieval city of Viterbo, where tradition is kept alive by generating a new design for the Macchina di Santa Rosa (FioredelCielo) every five years or the city of Messina (LaFenice), which got completely destroyed about 100 years ago or downtown Chicago (AirTree). The new, which Architecture and Vision is placing in the young historical context, is not eliminating the old, but allowing new aspects to it and thus keeping the social and spatial urban fabric alive.

Date: Friday, February 17, 2012
Time: 05:30 pm
Location: EIABC – Ethiopian Institute of Architecture IIC Addis Ababa

Link: Italian Cultural Institute in Addis Ababa