Warka – The Tree of Life’ is a project for a fog-harvesting tower conceived for the mountainous regions in Ethiopia and started with a workshop at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Planning (EiABC). A workshop organized by Architecture and Vision in collaboration with IUAV University of Venice and the institute of Prof. Fasil Georgis at EiABC produced a first bamboo prototype called ‘Warka01’, which was set up at the university campus monday May 21, 2012. Professors: Prof. Fasil Georgis, Arturo Vittori, Andreas Vogler Teaching Assistants: Tadesse Girmay (EiABC), Raffi Tchakerian (IUAV) Students: Fitsum Aber, Abdurahim Hasen, Winta Hailu, Samrawit Yohannes, Bayenew Melaku, Chalita Kelbessa, Kaleab Birhan, Nardos Kassahun, Tigist Daniel, Wossen Gebreyohannes.

Date: 10-21 May 2012
Time: 16:30 – Presentation of Warka01 prototype 17:00 – Lecture by Architecture and Vision
Location: EIABC – Ethiopian Institute of Architecture

Links: http://www.vittori-lab.com http://www.iuav.it