‘WarkaWater’, the tower designed by ‘Architecture and Vision’ to collect water from the skies in Ethiopia, has been built by 11-16 year old school children from the Luise-Meitner-Gymnasium in Unterhaching, near Munich. The children built the tower after the drawings of ‘Architecture and Vision’ and under the instructions of Sylvia Dreher and Torsten Kresse, initiator of the project and the ‘Ars Technica’ Biennale in Munich, where the tower will be exhibited. Many other volunteer helpers have been supporting the children as well. The Ars Technica 2013 with the ‘WarkaWater’ as a main attraction will be opened on Saturday, May 5th, by the maire Wolfgang Panzer.

Time: Opening Saturday, May 5th, 2013, 14:00 pm
Location: Jugend Kultur Werkstatt JKW, Oskar-von-Miller Str. 9, 82008 Unterhaching