WarkaWater has been the main attraction of the opening of the ‘Traces Of Centuries & Future Steps’ Exhibition at Palazzo Bembo, which is an official lateral event of the Biennale. The 9m high tower, which is designed to collect water from the air in Ethiopia, was built up in the courtyard of Palazzo Bembo and already attracted many passer-bys during its construction. After a second opening event today, WarkaWater will be on exhibition at Palazzo Bembo until the end of Architecture Biennale. Architecture and Vision is looking for funding now to support the further development of this project and its planned installation in the North of Ethiopia in 2013.

Date: August 28 – November 25, 2012
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon 4793, 30124 Venezia, Italy
Links: www.architectureandvision.com

photo by: Gabriele Rigon