“The world is changing, and the ways we live in it are changing too.
More than ever before, architecture and planning – which provide the conditions for urban living – must be conceived in the light of what is no longer there and what is yet to come.” – arc on reve, Bordeaux

Architecture and Vision and been invited to display the project Warka Water in the context of the exhibition “Constellation’s – Habiter le monde”. A full scale prototype of the WW version 3.4 will be in installed first in the Bordeaux’s City Hall, in the courtyard and later on will be moved to the Bordeaux’s botanical garden.
A scale model as well as material samples will be also shown to represent the current design and also the project’s research and development.


Event: CONSTELLATION.S – Habiter le monde
Date: 14 May – 16 June 2016 / 15 June – 25 September 2016
Location: Bordeaux’s City Hall / Botanical garden, Bordeaux, France
Link: www.constellations.arcenreve.com